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Ugandan Artiste Jeff Loud Making Mark In The US

Jeff Opio, a Ugandan – American hip-hop artist, has released a music video this week that is expected to climb high on the international music chats.The audio for the song TRAP is already having massive air play in Pennsylvania state

Better known by his alias Jeff Loud, the rapper  hails from Pennsylvania USA. Most of his songs, are about growing up, hardship in ghettos, racism, other social problems, injustice  and conflicts with other rappers. They are indeed controversial and energetic lyrics.

American born Ugandan rapper, Jeff Loud

American born Ugandan rapper, Jeff Loud

He started singing at the tender age of 13 and was inspired by the likes of Tupac and Lil Wayne.He has not been to Uganda yet but would like to come some day and do tracks with local artists.

He is currently being guided under the watchful eye of his father Nick Karamagi ,a celebrated Ugandan born promoter in the UK (of East African Community UK) and his mum the former model and beauty queen Eva Mbabazi.

This article is courtesy of Dixon Bond Okello.

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