Ugandan-Based Congolese Singer Rogatien With New Song For Mama

It is almost becoming an acceptable norm and tradition world over for artistes at some point of their careers to pen down lyrics in praise of their mothers or just to celebrate mothers all over the world. The tradition has been going on for a long time with some turning out to become all-time classics.

From old classics like Brenda Fassie’s 1994 Mama, Spice Girls 2009 and Boys 2 Men’s ‘A song for Mama’, the tributes have been coming through with the new generation picking it up with West Africa’s Kiss Daniels having his own ‘Mama’ song.

While at home in Uganda, gospel artiste and now Member of Parliament Judith Babirye’s version of ‘Mama’ has turned out to be one of the all-time selling songs on Caller Ring Back Tune (CRBT) platform in the country. Juliana Kanyomozi’s ‘Woman’, Jose Chameleone’s ‘Sweet Mama’ and also his younger brother Pallaso’s recently released ‘Mama’ have also made a big impression on the music scene among others.


Back to our main subject, Rogatien Milord who is a Ugandan-Based Congolese singer, his own tribute song to his mother titled ‘Maman’(French and Persian for Mom) hit the airwaves officially on March 8th 2017 as the world marked the international Women’s Day.

Rogatien Miloard with his beloved mother 

In the song done in French and a bit of Kiswahili and smooth Afro-Jazz flow, Milord speaks his heart, expresses his love and pays tribute to the woman (mother) for her precious kindness, unconditional love and her matchless maternal qualities and appreciates her struggles to raise him.

“One Woman Struggled, worked so hard, and gave everything she had for Me to be who I am today… She raised Me with lot of love, grace,simplicity, and this sweet voice of her, caressing My inside beauty, every single day! Now I am living in a Universe full of dreams and tenderness because of Her endless sacrifices”. Milord said.


Rogatien Milord is a young Congolese artiste (Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist), from Goma in Eastern Congo. He is now based in Uganda as a performing artiste. His solo carrier started in since 2014 and has performed on different musical scenes in and out of Uganda alongside many well known artists.

Rogatien Milord

Milord is now tirelessly working on his first solo album “TRUST” which will soon be released and it will be available on Media & Streaming platforms! To listen to the song “Maman” You can follow the links below:

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