A Ugandan Diaspora Artiste Shares Experiences Out There

“There are many Africans in Västerås city – Sweden but recently I performed at one of the city’s biggest festivals and it was more of Swedish people watching me than African people, yet I also make African music. That is a challenge“- Ugandan-Sweden based Ragga,Hip Hop artiste Rashy K.

Nothing in this world comes easy. Everyone deserves a respect and a round of applause for the jobs (s) they do especially if they are doing it right. One person who needs to be hailed is Ugandan- Sweden based Dancehall and Hip Hop artiste Rashy K real names Rashid Kibirige Sebunya.

He is an artiste who juggles work, school, and music. In Västerås  the city he lives in, we were made to understand that, he sits on the committee that governs the city as a secretary for music and culture. He has for the past five years been training the youth in his neighbourhood how to rap and truly this has worked for him.


Rashy K with one of the youths in the rap training session

However, like you know, nothing comes without a challenge. Rashy has faced a lot of challenges as he tries to push his music career to greater heights. He shared with Chano8 a few of the main ones.

“My challenges in the Diaspora have mainly been penetrating through the system. I have been in Sweden for quite some time now, meaning that I should able to say I am stable as a Swedish citizen, as an artist or even as a family person but to be honest it really isn’t that yet.” Rashy K explained.

As an artiste, Rashy is known for songs like ‘Boom Boom’, ‘Yenze’, ‘Stay Schemin’among many others. Still on the challenges, the artiste further narrated that networking with other people in the Diaspora has been a big stumbling block too.


Rashy K (6th left) with some of his Swedish friends and fans

“There is always something new to learn as time goes through the people you meet or even decisions you make. My other challenge has been networking with other people. As in how you brand yourself and present yourself to the next sponsor or even a CEO of any company to get exactly what you want. In Sweden you either make it or you don’t.” He added

 “I get home sick; some times you want to eat ekikomando (chapatti and fried beans) or climb a mango tree and eat some fresh mangoes because most of the food and fruits are treated with chemicals here. He concluded.


Rashy K (centre) performing at one of the biggest music festivals in Västerås  city



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