Ugandan Forgotten Artiste Roy Kapale Graduates

Roy Kapale was first becoming a star in the late 90’s with songs like Tonangira, ebitaala bintande , Tebayambika and Mukyala Neighbour among others but his music career ended mysteriously just the way he had come onto the music scene.

The latest we have is that the musician has graduated from the Grand Canyon University, an American university based in Chicago although we haven’t yet established the course he has been doing.


Roy Kapale was Rebecca Jingo’s boyfriend before Joel Isabirye came into the picture and in 2013, was reported to have been killed in China because of drug trafficking but he came out and posted how alive he was saying how unbothered he feels because he’s alive. “They can go ahead and say whatever they wish. I am not bothered after all I’m alive.”

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