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Ugandan Horror Movie ‘Bunjako’ Premiering Next Month

On Friday the 17th of June, a new Ugandan movie will hit our screens.Dubbed “Uganda’s first ever horror movie”, ‘Bunjako’ will be officially premiering, bringing to the screens a perfect blend of a well knitted story line and good camera work.

“BUNJAKO” follows a story of a group of University students with differences in life that plan to go for a camp fire trip together with their lecturer. On their way to the camp fire, they come across a thick forest which they have to go through to make it to their destination.

Their travel vehicle breaks down and they decide to make it through on foot not knowing that they are moving through a haunted forest with a killing evil spirit and human-like carnivores which feed on animal and human flesh.


A forest scene of some the cannibals on set


One of the cannibles after feeding of human flesh

They have just one night to move through the forest, but unfortunately one of them gets possessed by the spirit and she turns carnivorous on her friends, and the other cannibals as well. Confusion runs through the two groups, the carnivores think the students are killing them and at the same time the students think the carnivores are killing them, either party has to either keep away or attack the other for revenge and the battle continues.


One of the students who got possessed by the evil spirit


The possessed student holding an X knife which she used to kill her fellow students

When we contacted Baguma Tolbert, the CEO Teez Studios Limited and  the movie’s producer had this to say.

Finally ‘Bunjako’ is done and the premiere day set. “17th June has been confirmed and it will all be going down at Theatre Labonita.Entrance is only 20,000 ordinary and 50,000 VIP. All i can say is, it’s been you lord.




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