Ugandan Horror Movie Thrills Fans At The Premiere, Fans Ask For Part 2

Believed to be Uganda’s first ever horror movie, ‘Bunjako’ was successfully premiered at the city centre based Theatre Labonita where hundreds gathered to catch the new movie live and clear last week on Friday.

“BUNJAKO” follows a story of a group of University students with differences in life that plan to go for a camp fire trip together with their lecturer. On their way to the camp fire, they come across a thick forest which they have to go through to make it to their destination.

Their travel vehicle breaks down and they decide to make it through on foot not knowing that they are moving through a haunted forest with a killing evil spirit and human-like carnivores which feed on animal and human flesh.

They have just one night to move through the forest, one of them gets possessed with the evil spirit which makes her turn into its killing machine that kills both the students and the carnivores, confusion runs through the two groups, the carnivores think the students are killing them and at the same time the students think the carnivores are killing them, either party has to either keep away or attack the other for revenge, the battle continues…

Lots of celebrities like Sheebah Karungi, Mariam Ndagire and the rest were in attendance to catch the movie too and it fun filled night as the revellers enjoyed the movie from the start to the end.

“I was planning on working on another movie called Mutabu, the script is already done and actually its an action movie but the challenge i have, after my people came and watched Bunjako, they are now asking for part two. So am really down with my committee to see what we can we can do because we do these movies for the people.” Baguma Tolbert told Chano8 in an exclusive interview.

Below is how the movie premiere went down in pictures.


One of the revellers decided to take a picture of the movie actors


One of the revellers pausing on the movies’ backdrop for pictures


Actors were awarded certificates


Some of actresses in the movie


Musinguzi the main actor in the movie (showing thumbs up) was just ecstatic


Bunjako the movie showing on the projector


One of the actors being interviewed


Actresses showing off the Bunjako movie poster

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