Ugandan Journalist Florence Naluyimba Joins The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests In London

With her mask on, though not observing the Covid 19 social distancing that much, Ugandan and NTV journalist Florence Naluyimba who is currently in London, joined thousands of protestors In London to protest  against racism and also the recent brutal killing an African American citizen George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA .

The incident in which Floyd lost his dear life happened on 26th May. According to video footage that was recorded by an onlooker, it shows a white police officer Derrick Chauvin pinning down Floyd to the pavement with his knee on his neck for more than 8 minutes until he breathed his last.

From the time this murder happened, African Americans and whites have been protesting under the theme ‘Black Lives Matter’ to see Floyd as well as other African Americans who have been killed by Police in USA, get justice and this has spread to other continents and Europe is one of them.

On Saturday, thousands of protestors gathered in London and across the country to demonstrate against the brutal killing of Floyd despite police and ministers urging them to stay away for fear of spreading Covid-19.

NTV news Anchor Florence Naluyimba was among those thousands in London and while she was, she was updating her followers on Twitter.

Before joining the crowd, she first shared a photo of her holding a placard with a statement that read “Black Lives Matter, Stop with the bananas, Stahp stahp” and captioned the photo “See y’all at Parliament Square. Don’t forget those masks & when you can, #SocialDistance  #BlackLivesMattterUK and please racist dipshits #stopwiththebananas just STAHP! #BlackLivesMatter”

Florence Naluyimba before going to the streets of London to protest against racism and the killing of Black American George Floyd

In another video, she is in crowd shaking her waist while dancing to the music from the musical instruments some of the demonstrators were seen playing.



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