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Ugandan Musician Sarah Musayimuto Shares Her Personal Experience

Ugandan singer Sarah Musayimuto recently shared her personal experience and what inspires her with Chano8.

The Obulamu Tebulidda singer said, ‘I hope to inspire people towards the message of Love, equality and acceptance in this troubled world we live in. I also hope to inspire the generation of the young ladies coming up! Being able to share my experiences can be of inspiration to many. I know this to be true because hearing success stories of others often times inspires me. I try to inspire others through My Music.’

Sarah further goes on to share her inspiration for music, ‘I enjoy writing music and inspiration stories for people to read and gain encouragement from. I want people to know that I struggle just like they do and they are not alone.’

‘I also try to inspire others by being a positive image, someone people can look up to. I want people to look at me as someone they can strive to be like. This is important to me, not because I want attention or fame. But because I feel people can relate to things I’ve experienced.’

Sarah Musayimuto shares her personal story

Sarah Musayimuto shares her personal story

Reflecting on her past, she says ‘Having grown up and coming into my own, I’ve realized I have no problem being set apart and doing things differently from the norm. I just have to be me and focus on my own life. If I can share this with people, mainly young ladies, and they feel better about themselves and are inspired to be proud of who they are then I am happy.’

Sarah concluded by saying that she’s happy to show young ladies that regardless of what other people think of them, staying true to oneself is always the most important.

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