Ugandans Express Anger On Social Media Over LDU Officer Who Shot Man Dead And Injured Woman

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On Friday afternoon, onlookers were left shocked and frightened after a one Local Defence Unit (LDU) officer identified as Muyaga Robert unexpectedly shot dead a fellow man named Musasizi  Edward, a local council 1 chairman of Lutovu B village in Masaka District and also badly injured a pregnant woman who was with Musasizi.

The horror happed in front of Byansi Clinic located along Elgin Street in Masaka town as Musaasizi and the woman who had just finished getting medical treatment in the clinic, attempted to ride away.

According to video footage recorded by a CCTV camera, the armed officer is seen engaging the woman who had just stepped out of the clinic in what we are comfortable calling a conversation. The woman who reportedly succumbed from the bullet injuries later after being rushed to a nearby hospital gives the officer a deaf ear and continues to approach Musasizi who at that time was getting the boda boda ready to ride away.

A few seconds after sitting on the motorbike ready to move, the officer is seen shooting the woman and the rider at a very close range. The two then fall on the ground and immediately after, the trigger happy gunman is seen fleeing the crime scene.

With all the thought that he had managed to hide from the police and the army officers who immediately went on a search for him, the LDU officer was unfortunately traced and gunned down too.

From the time the footage showing the broad daylight cold blood murder made its way on social media, people have been severely condemning this unthinkable act. On top of that, people have been generally rebuking the entire LDU officers over their brutality as shown in the screenshots below




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