“Ugandans Have Every Right To Offend The President”-Andrew Mwenda ‘Ironically’ In Support Of Joseph Kabuleta

Scribe-turned-pastor Joseph Kabuleta was last Friday whisked away in a private owned vehicle registration number UBB 459D while at Drew & Jacs Patisserie Restaurant at Forest Mall, Lugogo in Kampala

 The Police came out with a statement agreeing that they were aware of his arrest and whereabouts. They also confirmed that it was because of his sensitive statements through his ‘Joseph Kabuleta Weekly Rant’ series of rants attacking the president of Uganda, that led him into trouble.

“This is to inform that a team of detectives from Special Investigations Division has today arrested Joseph Kabuleta, a self-styled pastor and put him into custody,” read a document that Fred Enanga, the press and public relations officer Uganda Police issued out.

As Kabuleta remains in custody, social media has since Friday been on fire with some users advocating for his release. Among them is motor mouthed political critic Andrew Mwenda

Andrew surprised social media users when he took to his official Twitter account to condemn the arrest of the arrest of the ‘The Watchman Ministries’ fonder Kabuleta

The arrest of Joseph Kabuleta for “offending the president” is archaic, intolerable and unacceptable! Ugandans have every right to offend the president. They hire him to serve them. They should be free to express their anger at how he is running the country justifiably or not!” Read Mwenda’s Tweet

Mwenda’s Tweet gave birth to mixed feelings from Twitter users. “Offend the president not the pipo in his house, u hire the president not his entire family, offend the president with a realistic opinion with facts or ground not baseless attacks” One Twitter user replied to Mwenda

“When it’s Kabuleta, the law is archaic. When its Stella Nyanzi, she deserves it. Ugandans!” Another user Tweeted.

According to a statement from The Watchman Ministries, it said that close members, ministry officials and doctors were able to locate Kabuleta at Special Investigation Division headquarters in Kireka but unfortunately he was denied access to meet his legal team

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