Ugandans In North America Form Yet A New Association

Ugandans in living and working in America formed yet another association named the “Association Of The Ugandan Americas” (AUA). Mr. Fred Musisi was appointed by the strategic team as its overall coordinator.

In a statement released a few days ago, they revealed that following strategic team meetings, extensive consultations and listening to individual members’ opinions and voices a couple of weeks ago, the association was started.

It is an independent entity to unify Ugandan immigrants in North America and Americas established in the state of Michigan and will soon start registering membership of Ugandans from Michigan and different states.

The reason why AUA was established in Michigan state is the accessibility of Detroit City which has multiple long-term opportunities and the Detroit Metropolitan Airport which is a huh for easy air travel domestically and internationally.

According to the press release, the vision of the association is to become the become the most effective African Immigrant Organisation   in North America/Americas unite Ugandans in USA for development purposes.

The association goals  also include finance department, education, sports human rights, women and children programs, Youth programs, philanthropy among others.   Currently, the association’s constitution is currently drafting a constitution.

Maurice Ochwo, a Ugandan who lives in California says there’s no need for Ugandans to form another association because The Uganda North America convention(UNNA) has similar projects the new association has come with.


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