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Ugandans Question Azawi Over “My Year” Song After Singer ‘Promises’ A Better Year

On May 7th when her song “My Year” was released, singer Azawi’s fans gave it a good reception because of the inspirational message in its lyrics that they connected with.

The singer who is signed to Swangz Avenue record label wrote lyrics that blew hope into the listeners whose 2020 was a ‘bad year’ basing on the fact that, things changed for the worse, following the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus disease (Covid19), which forced the government to announce a lockdown which came with a lot hardships most people weren’t ready for.

Lines from the song like “Let me tell you something about this year this year must be better than last year Mmmmmm, it’s your year you know this is your year ah It’s your year, yeah, shaa” made many of her fans believe  that things were going to be better than last year, but little did they know that the country was  headed for yet another lockdown after the Covid-19 cases and deaths increased.

In his national address, the President of Uganda on 18th June, announced a 42-day-lockdown and this means that the same hard life of last year is back and many people have already lost hope and written off 2021 just like 2020.

A few hours after the president’s address, people took to Twitter  to question Azawi about which ‘better year’ she meant. Just like 2020, they believe this is also a ‘dead year’ and they think that she gave them ‘false’ hope in her song.

One of them is Investigative Journalist at NBS TV Canary Mugume who asked.  @AzawiOfficial, which year? 2021?”

“By the way things are going, @AzawiOfficial are you still sure this is our year!” Asked Katamba

“But what was Azawi thinking” Joy Nakandi on Twitter also asked.

“@AzawiOfficial is this year still better than last year?” Another Twitter user Annie Nixon asked

@AzawiOfficial we have lost hope already; adjust the lyrics abit,its still a hit.” A one Andrew Akatuhurura  said

“Azawi and the whole entire swangz management should be arrested …they are the main reason 2021 is like this” Joked Mugerwa Calvin

Meanwhile, despite of all this, Azawi is still positive, hopes for the best this year and is not ready to give up

 “i cannot afford to give up… gat no room for that..and no matter wataguan kimala nekigwa” Read Azawi’s tweet

Check more comments and questions from Ugandans about Azawi’s “My Year” song promising them a ‘better year’ they are not seeing


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