Ugandans Take On Kenyans In Fresh Cyber War

On Saturday the 10th of June, the Uganda Rugby Cranes team conceded a 23 to 18 loss to Kenya’s Rugby Sevens on the first leg of Elgon Cup that was played at Legends Bar amid lots of support from both countries.

However, Kenya’s win came at the climax of the Twitter war (Twar) between Ugandans and Kenyans on a hash tag #KenyaVsUganda which was initially created for Twitter users to share their expectations and what they think of the Saturday match. But like you know, it always begins with one person who sparks off the war especially when he or she sends a tweet that undermines the other country.

Well, Chano8 was following how this ongoing Tweeter beef (Tweef) was happening and it was so hilarious how they were throwing hot jibes at each other basing on different aspects like comparing ladies, level of English speaking, Swagg, artistes, police women, presidents, food among others.

The battle was however not only on Twitter but other social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. As we went to press, the war was still going on with tweets flying it every passing second.

We shall not fall side and say that Ugandans won the Twitter battle but may be you the readers will judge from some of the tweets Chano8 compiled for you from the #KenyaVsUganda Twitter war. Enjoy




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