Ugandans Turn To Social Media To Ask Authorities Allow Boda Bodas To Operate

  • From the time, the government began easing the lockdown buy allowing public transport to resume, boda boda riders have patiently been waiting to also be told to resume but from the look of things, they might wait longer as a solution is probably being found..

When the government suspended public transport as one of the ways of stopping the spread of Covid19, boda bodas were allowed to remain operating but only to carry cargo not passengers. Majority of the riders abode by the rules although there are some who are seen carrying passengers

Having waited for 3 good months, they feel they have waited so long and during the wait, the saw other public transporters being allowed but not them despite their willingness to follow standard operation procedures (SOPs) given to them.

Some of the reasons the government has instead that bodas should carry cargo is that the distance between the passenger and the rider is so close hence it could lead to the spread of Covid. Secondly, it is reported that they are used in theft missions especially at night

Through their leaders, their efforts to ask the president to give them another chance to work again have been futile and now the boda boda users and well wishers have joined the mix in trying to add voice to the boda riders’

A few days ago Twitter has been on fire with users expressing their dissatisfaction on a twitter hashtag #BodaBodaShouldBeAllowedToWork over the way government is handling the issue of the return of bodas. They think the government is simply being unfair to them

“There must be some kinda of SOPs for our brothers to go back to work, Someone’s sons and daughters somewhere have gone to school because of Boda, and others somewhere are waiting to go to school coz of the same source of income” said a twitter user called Wise One.

“I know a boda man who pays tuition at Muk for his son where will ge get this money when schools reopen” Said a one Benon King

We compiled some screenshots of what people are saying but you can follow the hashtag and see more of what they had to say



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