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Uganda’s First Female Gym ‘Fitclique’ Commended By BBC

Fitclique which is an all womens gym in Uganda run by Mildred Apenyo has been commended by BBC.

Mildred started it ‘to map her fitness journey and build a supportive fitness community of Ugandans. But, it has since expanded into an all women’s gym that teaches aerobics, strength training, kick boxing, dance, and African yoga.

BBC had the following to say about Uganda’s first women only gym.

Fitness is big business, but in countries like Uganda in East Africa being a woman and going to the gym can be a bit daunting. Women have to battle for space, find “socially acceptable” sports outfits and are sometimes prohibited from doing challenging sports programmes.’

‘However, 25-year-old Mildred Apenyo is hoping to change the idea that muscles are just for men. In 2014 she opened the country’s first female-only gym, called Fit Clique Africa.’

Fitclique founder Mildred Apenyo shows Gaetano how it's done

Fitclique founder Mildred Apenyo shows Gaetano how it’s done

You can have a look at the BBC’s video interview here.

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