Uganda’s Rich Heritage Exhibited At Global Cultural Event

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

The first ever Global Cultural event took place over the weekend at the Uganda Museum in Kampala with different cultural groups from across the country exhibiting colourful traditional dances and cultural items and memorabilia that wowed the revellers despite a low turn up.

The day started with an early morning downpour but with a drizzle dragging and then reluctantly coming to a halt at around 1pm, there was slow down in revellers showing up and which eventually may have affected the turn up coupled with poor media publicity and hype in the build up.

The rain interrupted the event and caused delays part did not kill the spirit of the performers

Mary Ingabire the event organiser under Global events acknowledged their setback and took the low turn up and a few glitches here and there as a learning lesson from the event on that happened on Sunday August 13th 2017.

“Yes it has been challenging organising the event especially because i have been away(in UK) for a long time and the time was not enough to put everything together. But we shall be better next time as this was our first time to organise this and we have learnt a lot”. She told Chano8 after the event.

Mary Ingabire (C) of Global Events chats with friends at the event on Sunday

That however did not kill the spirit of the participants who kept streaming in, in their respective cultural groups as the line up and program of the day shaped up.

The Bamasamia group from Busia district which was the most active group in the early stages of the gala, had set up their sent in the morning and were already exhibiting their items and explaining their activities to guests and tourists some from as far as Korea and Japan. They had a very interesting bird trap that uses white ants as bait to entice them into the tiny but highly effective trap which grabs up to 30 birds a day for a ‘delicious dinner’ at the end of the day.

“We cannot go hungry because this thing (bird trap) can never fail to get something” explained one of the team leaders.

A musamia lady demonstrates how the bird trap works

Tourists enjoying themselves at the event

There were over15 music and dance troupes lined up to perform and more seemed to have turned up on Sunday as the different groups tried their best to outdo each other in what turned out to be like some sort of competition with groups from both upcountry and those based within Kampala representing.

Groups like Nawampanda Super Stars, Elgo Hero Brass Band, Rockies Troupe and the young Stars Waka Stars producing exciting, colourful and diverse folklore performances that kept the revellers glued to the stage as they pulled eye catching dances from Buganda, Busoga, Acholi, Bugisu and other regions and tribes as well as across the border from Rwanda.

There was a troupe that came all the way from Rwanda to take part

Besides the music and traditional performances, there were also local foods and drinks displayed and sold like Enturire, Omuramba, Akonyemu, Omunanansii and Ajono from Teso.

The after party which was hosted by Mc Kats who dressed in Buganda traditional ‘Kanju’ tunic wear and saw performances from artistes like Big Eye and Naira Ali. You can take a look at some of the high lights through our lense

There was plenty of Malwa and other local brews for fans to enjoy.

The Waka Band kids were a joy to behold

The smile says it all

Some one took the opportunity to celebrate her birthday with a traditional theme party

Big Eye Star Boy also performed at the event to represent the ‘modern artistes’

The crowd that turned up for the event.



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