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Uhuru Kenyatta Receives Criticism For ‘Discriminating’ Black Students

Kenyans are said to be the most vibrant people on social media in Africa and they will jump at anything whether it involves another country or their own. In fact they can even attack their own president as they did a few days back when they heavily criticized him for allegedly discriminating black students.

The president hosted two schools at state house but his behaviour towards a poor rural school was termed as disgusting by many Kenyans especially on social media.


Uhuru Kenyata with students of Titus Ngoyoni Memorial Primary School a rural school reportedly treated badly by the president


Students from Pembroke House School were provided a red carpet at stage house and given the opprtunity to tour

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Going by the pictures doing rounds, Uhuru Kenyatta was seen touring the students of both schools at his white house before taking pictures with them but the manner in which he did it led to the outburst. Students from Pembroke House School were provided a red carpet, they toured the state house and some even had an opportunity of sitting in his chair while those from Titus Ngoyoni Memorial Primary School from Marsabit County, a rural school had no red carpet, were not provided with seats and only stopped their tour in the lobby.

This angered many kenyans who took to their social media platforms and refered to the president as a discriminator.


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