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Getting Up Close And Personal With Lillian Mbabazi As She Talks About Her Inspiration For Music

As her Up close and personal show draws closer, we bring to you more details about Lillian Mbabazi the artist and mother.

In the current Chano8 August issue, the soulful singer talked about Deuces Entertainment Group, which she’s signed under and her inspiration for music.

‘Deuces Entertainment Group came at the real exact time when I really needed them the most. So they came and partnered with me to make sure I achieve the goals that I have set for myself, and were the right team to make sure this happened.’

‘You can see now I am organizing a concert which I have always wanted to do for a long time, but I didn’t want to do it like just any other artiste so I kept doing what I was doing till I got the right team and management. So when DEG came in I was like yes, this is the right the team I am going to work with and they are part of that stability keeping me focussed. It’s all good right now.’

Lillian Mbabazi talks about her inspiration.

Lillian Mbabazi talks about her inspiration.

The memories singer also talked about her inspiration for music saying,

‘I would say it’s just life. Life happens and as artistes that’s where we draw our inspiration from. The people around you and the experiences they go through and how it makes you feel. For instance ‘simple girl is one song drawn from experiences shared through people around you who are struggling to make it through and believe in God. Life is my greatest inspiration, whether good times or bad times, life molds us’

You can read the full interview here https://chano8.com/chano8-digital-magazine-august-2015-issue/

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