Upcountry Radio Stations Reject Proposal To Pay Royalty Money To UPRS

Upcountry radio station owners under their umbrella organization the Rural Broadcasters Association (RUBA) rejected the proposal of paying annual fees for  the music they play on their stations

They said they are not willing to pay any money to the Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) because the music they have was given to them freely by the artistes.

They also said that it is a favor for them to play local artistes music because it is them that profit from the radio play because it promotes them.

In a letter they wrote to Uganda Communications Commission, they said that the artistes have been bringing the music to them for free air play and they do not feel it is the right time to pay them for playing their music.

“It is vital that stakeholders should not rush to implement directives that run the risk of negatively disrupting the arts and music industry. We should resist the temptation of wanting to implement first world solutions to our third world realities,” Read RUBA’s response letter in part

They say that the desire of UPRS wanting to collect money from music played on their radios will kill musician’s careers because they will have no rural platforms to play their music.

The Letter was copied to the permanent secretary ministry of Gender, Labour and Social development, Registrar General, Uganda Registration Services Bureau, Board Chairman Uganda Performing Rights Society, Uganda National Culture Centre, Uganda Musicians Association and Regional Chairpersons National Musicians Association.

Last month, members of the National Broadcasters Association (NABS) were the first group of media owners to agree this new policy of paying for music played on their media houses starting this month.

The resurrection of the copy right law is the old school way of making money through creative arts though the system had died in Uganda because of mismanagement of UPRS and corruption of its previous leadership.












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