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UPDATE: R Kelly Spends 2nd Night In Custody After Failure To Pay Bail Money

It has swept the media that American RnB super R Kelly star was accused of sexual assault to many young girls of age between 13 and 17. Trending video confessions of the alleged victims saw their way on the internet and no action had been taken for the past two decades in which the singer allegedly committed these crimes

After several months of succumbing to pressure, on Friday night the 22nd of February, the ‘Step In The Name Of Love’ singer finally handed himself in to Chicago Police following an arrest warrant after being charged with aggravated sexual abuse against four alleged victims.

The singer left his Chicago apartment surrounded by members of his entourage and flanked by security guards.

On Saturday, Judge John Lyke Jr  who oversaw the bail hearing  set the US Dollars 1 million for his bail which is US Dollars 250,000 for each of the four women involved in the charges against Kelly. 10 percent of whole amount which is US Dollars 100,000 is supposed to be paid for bail as his trial awaits.

However, as much the whole world thought he was going to easily pay the money and get his bail, things didn’t turn out as was expected.  Under unclear reasons, the singer failed reportedly failed to pay the money and he has now spent two nights in jail.

R Kelly’s failure to pay  the money comes in the time when his attorney, Steve Greenberg recently described his financial status as a mess. Going by the look of things, it seems no is willing to pay for R Kelly

We shall keep you updated.

R Kelly leaving his Chicago mansion after he finally handed himself to Police

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