URA Now Demands Bobi Wine Over 300 Million Of Taxes For Importing Armored Car

Bobi Wine’s armored car (Toyota Land cruiser V8) has from the time it came in the country (November 2020) set tongues wagging up to now.

Its purchase was fundraised and after donated to him by his supporters and according to him, “all was good at first because it wasn’t in his name. International Police, Police Forensics and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) examined and cleared it.”

URA levied a tax which was paid but hell broke loose when they discovered that the car belonged to the former presidential candidate in the January 2021 general elections.

According to a letter from URA, the “Kyarenga” singer was ordered to present the car to URA Nakawa inland port for reassessment on 9th of April, which he did and from that time (after the reassessment) up to now, the car has been and is still in the hands of URA despite Bobi Wine’s demand for it through his lawyers, Wameli and Company Advocated and Solicitors

The latest in this whole Bobi Wine car’s controversy is that on Thursday, URA through a letter wrote to Wameli and Company Advocates and Solicitors .

It is stated in the letter that “following the re-examination of the motor vehicle, it was confirmed that that the unit was armored contrary to sections 203 of the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004”

URA re-valued the vehicle, using what they termed as alternative methods of valuation and appraised a customs value of US Dollars 166,700 (Ug Shs 337,698, 776) which they advised Bobi Wine to liaise with office of the Assistant Commissioner Enforcement who is requested to facilitate the payment of the due taxes and release of Bobi’s armored car

Copy of a letter from URA to Bobi Wine







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