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Urban TV’s Judithiana Embarrassed Live On TV

No one ever likes to be offended and talking about this, women take a lead in taking things so personal when they get offended. However, last night while hosting her Salon Talk show on Urban TV, Judithiana was forced to cut the live show after one of the usual guests since the start of the show identified as Derrick Ayine told her words that in a way insulted her.

As Derrick stressed a point, Judithiana kept on interjecting while trying to put out hers as well while she sipped on a glass of water. This forced Derrick to ask her why she wouldn’t let him finish his point but rather in wrong way.

“What is wrong with Baganda women after sipping water? Ok I know you are trying to look for ‘water’ although the two never connect.” Derrick told Judithiana

Urban TV’s Judithiana after being offended on the Salon Talk show

We however thought Judith was not going to take this personal but we were shocked when she asked the producers to cut the program because she felt offended.

“I have been offended and I think we really need to cut, please cut.” Judithiana said before the program was paused for a commercial break.

This all came through when the Topic of the night was Western Men Vs Baganda men which for some reason later turned into Banyankore men vs Baganda men. Joined by another guest called Rachael, the three talked lots of things about men from these two tribes on different aspects like how they talk, ask for things, handle women, public conduct among many others.

Racheal who was one of the guests talking on the program

However,  throught the whole show, Judithiana insisted that Baganda men are more cultured and they make better family men.They may not have money but they will strive to take care of their family. Do you agree?




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