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US President Joe Biden Falls 3 Times In A Row While Boarding Air Force One

If you thought that people like Presidents don’t fall then you need to consider changing that thought because just like anybody else, they fall too just like we never get to see them because they are rarely in public.

This might not be something to smile about but just like many people, it caught our attention to see the President Of The United States (POTUS), HE Joe Biden falling three times in a row while he climbed the red carpeted staircase  to board the Airforce One headed to Atlanta on Friday.

According to the viral video we watched online, Biden gets out of the Marine One helicopter and alongside his bodyguard, walks towards the waiting Airforce One.

Just seconds after hurriedly climbing a few steps, Biden then knocks the tip on his left shoe on a step and tumbles but clings on to the plane’s stair railing for support although he immediately now knocks his right shoe tip on another step and tumbles again.

While in attempt of standing up to continue climbing, the 46th U.S.A president loses his balance completely and falls to his left knee. He manages to stand up rub the dust on his knee and completes the staircase before saluting the security while at the top and later disappearing into the plane

The video of the incident went viral on social media with some people making fun of it sharing memes. The White House has since the tumbling incident said that Biden is “doing fine” according to the Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, 78, is the oldest president in the history of the United States of America. He in November 2020 managed to defeat Donald Trump in a bitter contest.



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