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I used to earn 20k while at WBS TV- Kazoora confesses

Former WBS TV presenter Dave Kazoora has comeout to reveal his miniature salary that he earned while still at the station. After a Facebook status by Radio City Presenter, Brian Mckenzie about the current state of the Naguru based TV station, Kazoora did not hesitate to state that the reason for WBS TV’s downfall is the owner himself, Gordon Wavamuno.

“What is happening at WBS TV is very sad. I worked there for almost 4 years. In that space of time, i worked under 5 different General managers that all had a different approach to the business. As a presenter i found it hard to develop…it was all about appearing on air and get paid (not necessarily on time) but yeah…i got paid for appearing on tv which made matters worse for both the show i was working on and my own career. Its sad for a big network like that to be going through this situation.” Mckenzie posted after learning that the receptionist at the station now has the power to sack employees.


Kazoora then replied: “My brother it’s not about yr boss it’s about yr own path….I was there for a while and didn’t get any contribution from the bosses I did my own shit…But it’s sad what’s happening at WBS…There contribution to this nation in media was great…name it everybody in this industry went through WBS…..We should give Wavah and Wlvis an award. I was earning 20k per show for 2 yrs.”

“And that 20k I had to look like a star…what really bothered me was people seeing me in taxis or standing at a stage waiting to get one…But my salary was increased when EATV gave me a contract,” he added.


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