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‘Valu Valu And Badilisha Are Classics From A Genius Brain’- Chameleone Rubishes King Saha’s Claims

Chameleon puts King Saha in his place

A few days ago, singer King Saha said in an interview on UBC TV’s Horizon Vibe show that he is the one who wrote veteran musician Jose Chameleone’s ‘Badilisha’ and ‘Valu Valu’ songs. He also added that he had kept it a secret because he is not the type of artiste who likes blowing his own trumpet.

These statements angered some people especially Chameleone’s supporters who said Saha couldn’t have written the songs because he can’t speak Swahili language while others said that Saha can’t write songs in the league of these songs he claims he wrote

These sentiments were also shared by Chameleone while replying to Calvin Da Entertainer who hosts the Horizon Vibe show.

Chameleon said that yes Saha is good in his own way but should stop claiming what he never built.

“He didn’t write none of the claimed. Those are classics from genius brains not just clever ones. Promote artistes off their hands not by clinging them onto other people’s sweat and success,” Chameleone said.

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King Saha started out his career under the guidance of Jose Chameleone and it is reported that he was also signed under Leone Island during his early years of music but decided to go solo after he realized he could stand on his own.

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