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Vampino and Party Pipo In A Thrilling ‘Smart Wire’ Dance

Every time Dancehall artiste Vampino steps on stage to perform, revellers are always heard asking him to perform his new song ‘Smart Wire’, a controversial tune that not only became a hit, but also a club banger that gets people especially women crazy. Many have wondered what ‘Smart Wire’ is all about but the answers have been scanty.

That aside, as Team No Sleep’s Sheebah Karungi premiered her new ‘The Way’ video at the Centenary Park-based Laftaz Comedy Lounge, Vampino was one of the artistes who curtain-raised for Sheebah before she premiered the video. To the fans’ surprise, as he performed alongside Party Pipo dance crew, he picked on one of the female revellers from the crowd who acted as the specimen for their Smart Wire dance. The answer to the question seems to be in the style of dance exhibited by these young entertainers.

While bending over, the three dancers one after the other energetically danced as they rubbed their bodies against the girl’s behind to Vampino’s ‘smart wire’ song and the whole action was a thriller as revellers all stood up, fidgeting to have a glimpse at what was going on stage with those nearer recording videos.

“We still want to bend you over please come back” were the word s Vampino told the girl who later got tired and wanted to leave but Vampino kept pulling her back on stage until he also tried that same dance with the girl a thing that threw the crowd into frenzy. May be we have finally got the meaning of ‘smart wire’ in this erotic dance.



Vampino and one of the dancers pulling the girl back when she tried to go and sit

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