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Various Artists Celebrate With Kella Mckenzie’s Album

Last Night was the night most HipHop fans had been waiting for but none more than the man of the night Mckenzie Bryan Sabiiti. It took him a good number of years to make his mark on the music industry but he finally did and in a huge way.



Bryan’s Company Kella Music premiered their heavily anticipated ‘RudeBoy Kella Music’ album at Gatto Matto yesterday evening. The entire evening could be summarized as a celebration of not only Hip Hop but a fusion of various genres of music on the same platform.Mckenzie partnered up with Talent Africa, SMS ONE, Chano8 and Radio city to achieve his album.


If you didn’t know what was happening and just stumbled in you would have thought it was the biggest congregation of various artist with immense talent all there to support and encourage one another. The artists that showed include Atlas, Maurice Kirya, Ruyonga, Apass, Navio, The Mith, Leila Kayondo, Don Mc, Mun’G, Maro, Andy Music,Keko, Enigma, Flex the paper, Nince Henry and St Nelly. Other celebrities included Anne Kansime with pal Karitas, Andre Kabuura, Judithiana, Salvado, Alex Muhangi, Malaika, Shovan and many more.


Mckenzi didn’t only achieved an amazing album but also built great working and social relationship among different artists, Djs and producers. The beautiful Deedan who was the host kicked off the party at 9:45 with Hip hop freestyle, later into the night we were graced with more performances from everyone that attended, For the first time on stage Maro and The mith performed their hit ‘Eh Mama’, Navio’s ‘Njogereza’ “Crazy’, Apass’ “Give Me a Kiss’, Lilian’s ‘Memories’ and many more.


The albums itself is something else I won’t bother you with the long list of heavy hitters on the album, this isn’t the review but it is definitely something you want playing in your home and car radio. One thing i learnt from Mckenzie’s achievement is that in the music industry success isn’t only in front of the mic but also in the vision of the force that brings 2 or more big talents together to make great music. I can’t wait to see what he does next.


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