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Venom Beach Bar Revamped

The Venom Beach bar has been a number one Sunday party venue. This is a section of Club Venom, a hangout that covers the entire top floor off Tirupati Mazima mall in  Kabalagala. The hangout has been renovated and given a new look.

According to Onyango Gareth the manager of the club, the bar has been revamped with a new surprise look and new sound. The renovations are aimed at giving the revellers a new party experience. Venom has dominated night-life for quite a while and we are looking towards making it the ultimate club.

Venom Beach Bar

Venom Beach Bar

This Sunday, the Beach bar will host the beach party. There will be several DJs on the turntables including Dj Roja, Dj Urban Star and Dj Starboy. Entry is free before midnight and after midnight, 5k is the fee. Be there and experience what to Venom Beach Bar has to offer.

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