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Veteran Journalist Turned Pastor Kabuleta Defends Prophet Mbonye’s Move To Lugogo Cricket Oval

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While appearing on NTV at a sports show called Pressbox, veteran journalist turned-Pastor clearly explained why the management of Lugogo Cricket Oval had to give away the stadium to self-proclaimed city Prophet Elvis Mbonye. He clearly stated that it was because of money that the stadium was given out and being the potential clients, they had to take it over.

“ Cricket oval has hosted so many concerts in the recent years and we have never heard any complaints from anywhere until that Prophet Elvis Mbonye decided to hire it for only five to four hours, the whole nation has raised dust. First, the condition of the stadium was very bad. The management needed money to work on which we were ready to offer. At the end of the day it is money that will count” he stated.

When he was asked about the dangers of destroying the stadium’s turf, Kabuleta revealed that measures have been put in place to protect the turf and there shouldn’t be any worries at all.

“ All you are asking me were included in the contract before we were given the stadium. I am pretty sure we wont cause harm than the concerts always cause. We shall only be using the stadium for only few hours and once in a week” he concluded.

It was recently revealed that Prophet Mbonye hired Cricket Oval ground for multi-million Ugandan Shillings.

It should be noted that Kabuleta and Mbonye are inseparable friends in that at one point Kabuleta kissed Mboye’s shoes (INTERNET PHOTO)


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