Veteran Playwright Alex Mukulu Faces Backlash For Bashing Contestants Over ‘Smelling Bad’

Veteran playwright Alex Mukulu sparked off social media mayhem after he badly bashed a group three boys who came to audition for the ongoing “Yolesa Ekitone” (Showcase Your Talent) competition  2021 edition that is airing on Buganda Broadcasting Services TV (BBS TV)

Mukulu who was one of the judges on the panel let the first judge to give her verdict after the boys’ performance and when it was his time, he boldly told them off that they were ‘smelling’

“You guys smell, you smell, you didn’t allow me to watch your performance. When you danced, you all smelt. You cannot dance for someone when you are smelling like this. It didn’t even see your performance because when you started, you began smelling. You cannot smell, stop smelling”. Said irritated Alex who on top of it all asked them to use “ebbombo” which is a wild herb to bathe

As he told this to the boys, the other judges on the panel were seen laughing out hard and this rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. The unhappy people took to social media to express their annoyance over the way the judge dealt with the boys.

In that moment, Alex Mukulu, has so much power and he decided to use it for evil. How disappointing”-Said a one Twitter user Movie Mania Ug

“Alex Mukulu tried and tries so much to be like Simon Cowell. Simon however is one of the best people at spotting talent. Shouldn’t have happened. It’s not professional. Those boys deserve an apology and compensation for this humiliation”-Said another

“Alex Mukulu has been like this for a long time. Not even Simon Cowell would insult people like this on talent shows. Were they judging hygiene or talent? That man is a disgusting piece of trash. And I don’t know why they keep giving him these gigs, maybe for ratings?” Said another disappointed Twitter user

Meanwhile, much as many people were not happy with Alex and took to social to bash him, singer Bruno K asked the public to help him locate the boys whom he needs to feature in his next video and will pay them for that


Watch the video of playwright Alex Mukulu bashing the boys who had come to audition 



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