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“Viboyo Was Imprisoned Out Of Mistaken Identity”- Swangz Avenue’s Benon

Viboyo was last week put behind bars at Jinja road police for two days and charged with ‘Offensive communication’ in a song dubbed ‘Togikwatako’ which was attacking the ruling NRM government. He was later released on Thursday on police bond and was required to report back to police on Monday.

It has however emerged that Viboyo was arrested over mistaken identity according to his colleague and fellow musician Benon Mugumbya who says that the song was composed and released by someone else.

“I’ve listened to the song but that’s not Viboyo. It’s someone else. Someone else they should have imprisoned,” said Benon Mugumbya Swangz Avenue’s co-founder.

The same sentiments were also shared by radio and TV presenter Mr Mosh a few days ago while on air at Galaxy FM.

Mosh, who has been in the music industry long enough to know Viboyo said that Viboyo would never abuse anyone in a song. “The Viboyo I know would never insult or abuse anyone. He watches what he says and that song is not his. It was recorded by some musician who we don’t know,” said Mosh.

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