Vibrance And Elegance At Ms Bridget Birungi’s Give-Away Ceremony

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This might not be Prince Harry and Meghan event, but this function had a lot to gape about, from the revellers to the decor, then the fashion!. Yes the fashion, am talking calm, natural beauty,culture and glamour.

We won’t go through the discussions of money and class because that was in overdrive. Like when was the last time you saw a bride in sneakers on her traditional ceremony, she wasn’t shy to change into her bae’s heritage outfit that happens to go well with comfortable sneakers, that is enough to make every bride who had to suffer the pain of blister due to heels all throw the event green with envy.

Let’s rewind this conversation a bit, so you have heard of the stereotype that ‘Banyankore/Bakiga are graceful”, that my friends was the reality as the the former Prime Minister Hon John Patrick Amama Mbabazi gave away his niece/daughter to another state.

The decor was everything young girls dream of when they excitedly chatter about their prince charming and dream wedding. There was a lot of color but the dominant colors were red and gold.

The flowers were simply pink and purple. They were carefully matched with glass ware in the same shade that left a warm reflection every where the lights graces. The Bride’s maids sat on authentic cow hide from Mbarara as the guests peered at them through horns from Ankole too.Talk about traditional culture melting into modern floral taste.

It goes with no saying that the 1st family of South Africa was traditionally dressed, the ladies in ‘Isiphephetu’, a beaded apron given to them by their mothers and Isigolwani which are thick beaded hoops worn around their necks, arms, legs and waist. The groom’s entourage was looking great in their traditional shirts with black blazers

The bride entourage had over 6 beauties, gowned in traditional Kinyankole wear a mixture of red and gold. They accessorised with African necklaces and headgears which made the entire outfit  a dazzle. It was a mashup of beauty and elegance that gave the revellers a height of its own.

The bride, Miss Bridget Birungi later retreated to her Facebook to thank all the people who contributed to the jaw dropping ensamble of beauty at her introduction. here is the list:

  1. Anna and Winnie Kintu who were responsible for the beautiful floral arrangements,
  2. Mrs Katende for the amazing crockery
  3. Melinda Bataringaya for amazing decor pieces
  4. Rhona and Angie for Pink Coconut and finally
  5. Peter Kaggwa of Events Warehouse
  6. Grace Kyomuhendo for the cow-horns from Mbarara and the custom made cowhide skin carpet for the girls.
  7. Hajji and Babirye from Nakasero Market for the glass table tops.   We all agree they did a splendid job with everything.


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