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Rapper Victor Kamenyo Crosses To Ziza Bafana’s Camp

There is an adage that says ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ and it simply means that two heads are always better than one most especially in the music business.

Having started out in Mzanzi management, Victor Kamenyo has been one of the most promising artistes to watch out for and goes down in the books and one of the few new talents to have successfully held a concert last year, on the same day that Gravity Omutujju also had his.

To cut the long story short, Victor Kamenyo we have learned has joined Ziza Bafana’s Magic Empire after signing a hefty deal worth millions.

Victor Kamenyo

Victor Kamenyo performs at Buzz entertainment bash

It is said that the artiste put pen to paper a few days back after he was convinced by Ziza that if they team up, they can actually be the best duo in not only Uganda but the whole of East Africa. Talk of a joint force between a dancehall and Luga-flow artiste.

However, the Victor confirmed that he hasn’t yet left Mzanzi because it’s his parental label but rather joining forces with Magic Empire.


Ziza Bafana to  work with Luga-flow sensation Victor Kamenyo

Victor Kamenyo came to the fore after re-doing ‘Agawalangana’, then topping it up with ‘Malala’, which both songs becoming hits over time. After that, he released more songs like ‘Baveeko’, Sijja and Olukiiko among others.

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