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Victoria University Pulls Off 1st Ever Leavers Plugin

Victoria University in a bid to open up the university to the general public launched the Leavers Plugin, a program designed to thoroughly equip participants with street smart tools and skills preparing them to effectively transition from a student mindset to a creative, problem solving and value adding young adult ready to step into the world with enthusiasm, hop and clear purpose.  The main areas of focus were public speaking, presentation, personal grooming, branding, choices, decision making, financial literacy and career and life planning.

IMG_3372 (Custom)

A student gives a presentation

The program ran for one week at the university premises and had lots of engaging and educative activities that added equipped the students with lots of useful skills, knowledge and advice to help them gain competitive advantage in many aspects of life. The main speaker of the event was none other than Success Africa CEO Ethan Musolini who was present to mentor, guide and inspire the Senior 6 Leavers. Other speakers included Eugenia Criss a transformational leader, Lawrence Namale a life coach, author and motivational speaker, Anita Katiti Zikusoka a highly and exceptionally experienced Human Resource Development specialist, Samuel Bakutana a consultant, speaker and author and lastly but not least, Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo who has achieved a lot from his talent of comedy.

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Pablo with Ethan Musolini

This lineup of experienced authors had a great positive impact on all who attended the Leavers’ Plugin. The event ran from 28th March till 1st April 2016. There was heavy involvement of Chano8, NBS Tv, Daily Monitor and Tamithi an art and design firm. Chano8 gave out free magazines to the best participant and also to those that were interested in knowing more about one of the fastest growing media houses in Africa. Success Africa and Victoria University are highly commended for their endless and selfless efforts in assisting young Africans have a better future. As for now, we highly anticipate the return of the Leavers’ Plugin in a 2nd edition which we will keep you informed.

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