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Victoria University To Mentor S6 Leavers

Victoria University one of Uganda’s biggest and prestigious private Universities has organized a five-day mentoring program targeting Senior Six leavers who are in their long vacation across the country.

The program dubbed ‘Leavers Plug-in’ will be facilitated by Success Africa Limited’s top motivational speaker Ethan Musolini at the Universities main campus. The program starts 28th March and ends 1st April 2016 for all S6 vacists

Ethan Musolini

Ethan Musolini will conduct the program

It is aimed at keeping the holiday makers in the right frame of mind especially considering the fact that most senior six vacists in their long haul of holiday tend to be idle and bored hence falling prey to temptations and making wrong choices and decisions in their tender delicate lives.

Many are lured into immorally incorrect actions like attending dubious parties, loitering in aimlessly town among others that can expose their lives to dangers like contracting the deadly HIV virus as well as things like rape and unwanted early pregnancies.

Therefore, this mentorship program will instead help channel their energies into more important things like and decisions like which courses to pursue at the university and which career path to take for a better future.


Victoria University is organising the program for senior six leavers

Mr. Oscar Kamukama, the marketing and recruitment specialist, explained, that topics like public speaking and presentation; personal grooming and branding; choices and decision making; financial literacy; talent and alternative careers; life planning and Self-leadership will be discussed.

Julia Kushemererwa, research and product development head at Success Africa said that students will be taught how to transform from thinking that things will be handed to you to building own potential.

“Many students come from university, when they cannot express themselves, when they can’t manage their salaries. These are gaps we want to fill. Many people complain about these nonperforming graduates but no one offers to cover these gaps. The Leavers Plug-in aims to prepare students to build own capacities.”

Participating students will have to pay a fee of Shs100, 000 which covers their welfare and certificates.



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