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Victoria University Turns To Experiencial Learning To Skill Students

The demands of modern learners are fast changing and becoming more sophisticated that traditional high institutions of learning are struggling to cope up. Because of this, there has been a fall in the quality of students being churned out especially by Universities.

However some private Universities are making an effort to changing with the times so that they meet the dynamic needs of today’s students. This however requires targeted investment to put in place the right facilities and human resource.

In Uganda, Victoria University is one such institution that is changing with the times; it is planning to invest over $15million in the development of a modern vibrant and exciting university, complete with additional state of the art facilities.

This investment will go into putting up new buildings next to Uganda Golf Club and Mulago International Hospital, new halls of residence and innovative learning spaces and a university teaching hospital for health sciences.


Victoria University Kampala Campus

In an interview, Dr. Stephen Robert Isabalija, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, explained that the Jinja Road University wants to be the University that provides the solutions that are haunting the Ugandans and the country’s economy.

“We are motivated by experiential learning; that is what brought us to the market, our promoters are entrepreneurs and our vision is to change the way how education is done,” says Isabalija in an interview.

“Every person in the market has been saying the new graduates don’t have skills; we are here to skill students; to give them new ways of doing work. We want them to leave the university when they can go out and do different things,” he adds.

“Most of the people are retooling themselves and we thought we would that service by bringing the school nearer to the people,” Isabalija, who has worked with the University for the last two years opines.


Dr. Stephen Robert Isabalija, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University

Ahead of the January intake Victoria University has already introduced new courses to meet the new needs of students. The University announced that students can now apply for a Bachelor of Environmental Science, Diploma in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies and Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management.

The university also teaches oil and gas courses like Bachelor of Science in Oil & Gas Accounting, Certificate in Oil & Gas Law, Oil & Gas Project Management, Oil & Gas Health, Safety & Environmental Management, Supply Chain and Logistic Management and Oil and Gas Management under the department of petroleum and gas studies.

Other courses include Business Administration, Procurement and Logistics, Banking and Finance, Public Administration, Social Work & Social Administration, Journalism and Media Studies, Human Resource Management and Int. Relations and Diplomatic Studies.

State of the art facilities

Comfort, class and a clean health environment is what students want and Victoria University has ensured that this is what it provides to its students.

“Our classrooms are top notch with air conditioned, not that we don’t have good air in Uganda but we believe students must be in good environment and that temperature must be controlled,” Isabalija explains.

Being that this a time of technology and internet, the University has provided free laptops to students to expose our students to new ways of doing research and the whole campus has internet. The class rooms have projectors and interactive blackboards.

“So in a way we are exposing our students to how international schools in the western world operate. To us that is very important. Also our students stay in a clean environment which is not common in other universities,” he added.

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