Video Alert: President Museveni Dares ‘Bazukulu’ In A New 40 Push-up Challenge

President Yoweri Museveni has yet again released another adrenaline inducing home work-out video in which he challenged younger citizens he usually prefers to call ‘Bazukulu’ which is Luganda for grandchildren to a 40 push-up workout.

The president who looks even fitter than when he first posted a similar video back then in April, this time made 40 pushups nonstop from State House in a video posted on his Social media pages.

President Museveni who is now 75 years old, has always challenged fellow Ugandans especially the youth to keep fit and safe by doing exercises regularly especially during the lockdown to build immunity.

In his first workout video released on April 9, 2020, the president had advised Ugandans to do physical exercises from indoors following his directive that enforced a ban on outdoor jogging sessions that he said would lead to spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic because many people are involved.

TThe president this time made 40 proper push-ups as some State House employees counted in the background.

So he decided to demonstrate to Ugandans how it is possible to work out in the confines of their homes or indoors without putting lives of other people at risk of infection from coronavirus by mixing in big gatherings.

That video which saw him manage 30 push-ups went viral making headlines across the globe and winning admiration from different people all over the political divide.

Lets take a look at his latest workout video here;


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