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Video: Bebe Cool Pelted With Bottles Again

Lights – check, stage – check, sound – check, crowd – check, drinks flowing. Everything seemed to be going well as planned until Bebe Cool stepped on stage at Cindy’s Boom Party concert last night at Lugogo Crcket Oval.

Cindy was making history by not only becoming the first female to host a mega concert at the much coveted and equally revered venue, but also for filling it up like most successful concerts held there.

Then chaos struck just a quarter to midnight when Big Size aka Munene Munene aka Ba Was Zuena Bebe Cool stormed the stage. But no sooner had he started hopping up and down like a hungry desert locust in Nakapiripirit, than a tirade of objects descends upon the stage.

Cindy was making history at Lugogo cricket Oval but the crowd had other ideas.   

The ‘Wire Wire’ singer tried to display his commando skills by portraying his invincibility as he joined B2C to perform their collabo song ‘Amattu Magule’ and kept jumping up and down while vigorously waving his hand and desperately trying to win the crowd. For a few seconds the trick seemed to be working as a few sections of the crowd joined him while singing ‘Eazy’ and ‘Wire Wire’.

But before he could utter a word to the crowd his luck ran out as the drizzles soon turned into a frenzied shower raining bottles of water, beer and even urine.

He had no option but to retreat to the safety of the back stage while shouting “Webale ku wagira Cindy”, no words uttered in relation to the unfortunate event as events crew from Lexus Events cleaned up the mess. A few pleadings from the MCs here and there, and normal programming resumes as a red-faced Bebe vanishes in thin air as he leaving a trail of dust behind.

Only Weasel threw a faint jibe by pleading with the crowd not to shower him with ‘Obuchupa’ as is now commonly referred to in the entertainment and social circles.

It is not the first time the NR leaning singer is facing such an attack and embarrassment with the first happening at the Bell Jamz Tour concert featuring Jamaican Tarrus Riley at the same venue in September 2018.

Bebe Cool was pelted in 2018 at the same venue and almost faught with organisers of the show.

Observers say the main reason behind the showers is his closeness to the ruling government and its Chairman President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni which they claim has made him arrogant to the common person.

You can watch video by clicking the link below;

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