Video: Bobi Wine Brings Down The Roof At Kabaka’s Party

Many have voted him as their personality of the year for 2017 in Uganda and he commands a big following as an artiste. However, ever since Robert Kyagulanyi  Sentamu aka Bobi Wine officially joined politics and got elected to the 10th parliament as Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East, his following even soared tenth fold and where ever he goes, he seems to be pulling huge crowds.

And on Sunday at the Enkuka Y’Omwaka 2018 in Lubiri Mengo where the Kabaka of Buganda and Queen Sylvia Naginda hosted their subjects to the annual end of year party and also welcome the New Year 2018, Bobi Wine threw the crowd into a frenzy as soon as he stepped on stage.

When he kicked off his performance with Aidah, the packed crowd went wild. Dressed in his now new trademark Che Guevara look the flamboyant legislator unleashed his ghetto side, with the army camouflage shirt and Green Beret cap standing out.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara was an Argentine Marxist, revolutionaryphysician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat and military theorist who was also a major figure of the Cuban revolution. He has been a major inspiration for the likes of Bobi Wine in their political career.

He kicked off with the chicky ‘Aidah’ to set the tempo and mood as the crowd yelled in ecstasy before embarking on a journey of ‘edutainment’ where he sang songs with political undertones like ‘Bikwase’, ‘Dembe’ and ‘Freedom’ and cracked jokes about the King while throwing jibes at the president. He even made statements hinting he is targeting the top seat in the country while doing a free-style acapella. Many other artistes also performed and the party went through to the wee hours of the morning.

Check the full video here;


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