Video: Bobi Wine Intensifies Rehearsals Ahead Of Anticipated Kyarenga Concert  

Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga concert will go to the record as one which was cancelled by the government two times. We all know what Bobi Wine and his management went through to finally have the concert cleared to take place and if you don’t know, where do you live?

It is official signed, stamped and sealed that ‘Kyarenga’ concert will take place this Saturday the 10th of November at Bobi’s One Love Beach Busaabala crook or hook and the preparations are already in high gear, as fans await for D-day to throng the beach in large numbers all in the name of showing Bobi love and support

To make his performance a remarkable one, Bobi Wine kicked off his rehearsal sessions on Monday the 5th of November. The ‘Kyarenga’ singer together with singing partner Nubian Li and their backup singers are currently spending lots of hours doing rehearsals as they prepare unveil the package they have for the fans come concert day.

Bobi Wine and Nubian Li take a selfie with fellow artistes who visited him during the rehearsal venue

Apart from Fire Base Crew artistes, more than 50 artistes are set to perform on that day and some local artistes have already started pushing the concert through their social media platforms

Entrance to One Love Beach Busaabala for the concert is only Ug Shs 10,000 and gates will be opened as early as 7 AM. Everybody is going to a VIP according to information from Bobi himself.

Watch Bobi Wine in the rehearsal session below

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