Video: Bobi Wine Takes On The ‘Museveni Challenge’, See How Many Pushups He Made

As part of the measures to curb down the spread of the Corona Virus disease 2019 (COVID-19), Uganda’s leader President Museveni on 31st of March announced a 14-day total lockdown although  some people didn’t observe some of the set lockdown laws of ‘staying home’ and ‘avoiding crowds’.

After seeing a crowd of people who in the name of jogging were along Northern Bypass in Kampala, the president decided to put a ban on group public jogging,which is feared as a way of spreading of the virus.

He at a recent press conference asked people who love jogging to do it from their houses or compounds and also promised to share a video of himself doing physical exercises indoors to show as an example to those who think it is impossible.

From the time the video of him doing physicals (30 push-ups to be exact) made its way on his social media platforms and in the news, it has excited Ugandans who have since then turned it into a ‘Museveni Challenge’, taking it to social media to do what the fountain of honour was doing, with some failing to even make half of the 30

Hours later after realizing the challenge was trending, HE Museveni in a now deleted social media post dared controversial opposition figures Retired Colonel Kizza Besigye and People Power pressure group leader Bobi Wine to take on the challenge and people have been waiting.

According to the video we landed our eyes on on Saturday, it looks like Bobi took on the Museveni Challenge. As opposed to Museveni however, Bobi made his challenge more fun and interesting by adding in an extra of 10 to the make them 40 push-ups.

Watch Bobi Wine doing the Museveni Challenge




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