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Video: Bryan White Displays His Rare Dance Moves

Hate him or like him, self proclaimed money bags Bryan White will always find ways of making news in whatever situation. If he is not making people line up for money, he is either flaunting heaps of bundles of money or in a Facebook live video saying how he has the money to help all the youths get out of poverty

Late last week, Bryan together some of the members of his Bryan White Foundation were on Capital FM’s ‘Big Break Fast’ show for a brief interview. Don’t ask us what he spoke in the interview but what he did during the interview is what caught our attention. Have you ever the pencil sized tycoon dancing in a way that makes you fear he might break his limbs.

This was what Bryan White did inside Capital FM’s studio according to video we watched online. He set the studio on fire with his funny and rare strokes as him, the show hosts Gaetano and Lucky danced to a song dubbed ‘Kirimanyi’ sang by Kig Michael and Cindy for the self proclaimed tycoon.

Bryan White was cheered on by as he proved his dancing prowess only that he maintained one dance style which at some point became monotonous. Comedian Alex Muhangi who is a member of the foundation also joined but he destroyed thing when he pulled Kikiga local dance called ‘Ekitaguriro’ cracking everyone near to tears

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