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Video: Chameleone And Senga Justin Nantume Tumble On Stage

Gravity Omutujju’s ‘Mujje Tujjuze Cricket Oval’ concert that took place last Saturday the 3oth of September at Lugogo Cricket Oval had lots of things that excited the revellers but one that excited the crowd most was when one of Uganda’s biggest artistes Jose Chameleone got cozy with NBS TV’s presenter Senga Justin Nantume to an extent of falling down after she joined him on stage during his performance.

Yes, the two unexpectedly fell down after tightly holding each other and seconds after their fall, the ‘Wale Wale’ star was seen trying to get up but Justin denied him chances to as she still enjoyed Chameleone’s touch. All this was happening as the revellers cheered loudly and some at the front fidgeting to see. 

As the crowd thought they were done, to Chameleone it was just the beginning. He shortly grabbed Nantume and dry humped her for like a minute and in return, Nantume also rub-a-dubbed him before resuming his performance singing ‘Wale Wale’ and other songs.

We have photos and the video here

Chameleone and Senga Nantume down on the floor

Chameleone dry humping Senga Nantume

Nantume rub a dubbing Chameleone

Senga Nantume embracing Chameleone

Chameleone and Senga Nantume pulling some dance strokes

One of the fans cheering Chameleone and Justin Nantume

Watch How Chameleone and Senga Nantume tumbled on stage


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