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Video Director Sasha Vybz Wants To Take Uganda’s Film Industry To Next Level

Sasha in action

Sasha in action

He is the man behind the camera(or rather the idea) behind Jose Cameleone’s new project ‘Wale Wale’. He is also finalising and putting final touches on the official music video for ‘relaxing’ in which the ‘Tubonge’ singer is featuring Leila Kayondo.

For those wondering who directed Sheebah Karungi’s unique ‘Jordan video, well you guessed it right – Sasha Vybz. He has also done TV production in Uganda like the Jump Shot on Urban TV and worked at Globetek as a photographer/Videographer. Now his works are getting a lot of recognition in South Africa and back home here in Uganda. He says he is just starting.


Ian Akankwasa aka Sasha Vybs is a professional filmmaker, a music video director, Cinematographer, script writer and CEO SAVY FIMZ/SAVYMUSIC.

“I am a down to earth hardworking lad, I grew up in Kampala, Uganda. Sasha Vybz is a nickname I have heard back in primary school, I got the name Sasha from one of my best childhood male movie Characters Sasha, and always wanted to be like him…ha-ha. The name later got stuck on me. Historically Sasha is a Russian Unisex name, which means “Saviour of Mankind”. He explained to Chano8 in an exclusive interview which you can find in July Issue of Chano8 Digital Magazine.

After completing senior six at Kigezi High School, Sasha decided to join Film school in Cape Town because he had so much passion for the field. And Cape Town being the best destination for film studies in Africa, thus decided to join “since it gives first hand Hollywood techniques”.

He is currently in his final year at City Varsity School of Media and Creative Arts and will be graduating next February 2015.

Although Sasha says there’s still a lot of challenges they face in the industry, things look promising going forward. And like most video producers, he faces financial challenges to acquire modern equipment since most of the clients in the industry are also struggling financially.


Checking out 'Relaxing' clips with SK Mbuga and Cahmeleon

Checking out ‘Relaxing’ clips with SK Mbuga and CahmeleonE

When chano8 inquired about what it takes to produce a quality music video that can be appreciated both locally and on the international scene, he wasted no time in offering professional tips;

“Well a good video starts with a good song and how well the artist put his lyrics to inspire a video director to make a good script. However, a good video is a video that will be able to show something fresh that people have not seen before and makes the audience understand with the way visuals are put across”


Sasha vybs directing

Directing ‘Wale Wale’ in Moroto

He has already worked with many local artists before he even joined film school like Gift ov Kaddo, The late Mr X, Maro, Noisy Pricha, Mya (Blue 3) and Ceaserous. Since joining film school he has so far worked with Face off based in South Africa, Sheebah Karungi, Chris Evans, Imon, Eddy Kenzo, Pallaso and Beenie Gunter.

He is currently putting final touches to ‘Relaxing’ video which will be released any time soon and recently took Chameleone’s team to Moroto to shoot the ‘Wale Wale’ video. We at Chano8 can’t wait to watch the two videos and will keep you posted on any developments. So watch the space.

Relaxing video

Wale wale video coming soon

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