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Video: Drama As Full Figure Embarrasses Pastor Male On Live TV

After successfully ‘talking’ her way to State House where she met the Fountain of Honour on Thursday, motor mouthed singer, business woman and activist Full Figure real name, Jennifer Nakanguubi is still the talk around town, with almost everyone wondering how she did it.

Full Figure has maintained her art of causing drama on live television and she is probably not considering to stop, as long as he feels like.

As NBS TV’s ‘Uncut’ show celebrated their first anniversary with a party attended by some of the local artistes and celebrities they have hosted before, renowned city pastor Male was invited to bless the show with a word of prayer.

After doing what he does best with an amazing prayer, Full Figure had a question for the pastor. She asked Anatalia Oze, one of Uncut’s host for an opportunity to fire the burning question

To the viewers shock, Full Figure asked something no one, not even Male himself expected. It was about his wrangle his fellow pastor Kakande. She also called Male a hypocrite who is not thankful for the house Kakande allegedly built for him

“Why don’t you speak the truth about pastor Kakande yet even the house you live in was built for you by him, even the wife you have, Kakande helped you get her. You speak only bad things about him, what did Kakande do to you? Concerned Full Figure asked

Although her microphone was switched off, making some of the words inaudible, she continued to attack the pastor, accusing him of painting a bad picture on Pentecostal churches, before angrily taking her seat.

At that time, annoyed Pastor was seen trying, to ask Zahara Totto another host of the show, for the microphone to reply to Full Figure. When the chance was denied  to him, he grabbed the microphone and as he began to spit fire in reply, the show was cut.

We were told by our sources at the Kamwokya based Television that the pastor later moved out of the Uncut studios in annoyance

Watch how Full Figure embarrassed Pastor Male on Live TV


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