Video Games To Increase Brain Size and Connectivity

Is your sister, husband, child, friend, in-law a video gamer? And did you know that video gaming helps in brain development and connectivity? Well now you know. Today many studies are still coming up to support this theory. Neuroscientists are proving beyond doubt that video gaming can have therapeutic cognitive benefits. If you are a parent who has been limiting your children’s computer play you might need to think twice because of the updated findings.


It’s time to let your child play video games because it is the wise thing to do

More cognitive evidenced benefits of playing video games include helping children develop logically, literary, executive, and even social skills. Fascinatingly, the more passion and desire a participant has for playing the video game the more results of brain growth are achieved.

Improvements in basic visual processes especially improved visual contrast sensitivity. Furthermore, it improves in attention and vigilance, it also leads to improvements in job-related skills. Many studies indicate that video games improve job performance, especially for jobs that require good eye-hand coordination, attention, excellent working memory, and quick decision-making.


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Video Gaming also benefits multitasking skills among other things. Researchers at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) created a specialized video game to help older people boost mental skills like handling multiple tasks at once. Dr. Adam Gazzaley of UCSF and colleagues published their findings in the September 2013 journal Nature.

According to the American Journal of Play (Fall, 2014) in an article by researchers Adam Eichenbaum, Daphne Bavelier, and C. Shawn Green, video games also assist in basic mental processes–such as perception, attention, memory and decision making. This is because most of the, games require players to move rapidly, keep track of many items at once, hold a good deal of information in their mind at once, and make split-second decisions.  Many of the abilities tapped by such games are precisely those that psychologists consider to be the basic building blocks of intelligence.


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