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Video: Gundeeze Is King Saha’s Message To Lovers

The song is a love song Gundeeze based on a message of true love and patience. Where Saha says True love waits. And concludes with quote from Leo Buclagnair ‘Love is life and if you miss love, you miss life’

The song done under Saha’s Kings Love Entertainment by Jeep is a classic celebration love song with that shuffle beats touch  and Afro-soul soul fusion mainly enhanced by King Saha’s trade mark powerful vocals.

It’s a dance-able ‘feel good tune’ and the mood in the video is set straight away with a grand entrance of the man himself in ‘Nigerian Oga’ fashion and dress code to attend a friend’s wedding.

The wedding reception is an all white dress code for the wedding and makes the scene angelic and is spiced up by that Amarula family comedian Amooti making faces as the main celebrant (clergy). Although the concept of the wedding makes it colorful in the video, still the story-line doesn’t quite fit in well for those who do not understand the philosophical poetry in the lyrics.

Gundeese Gundeese2 Gundeese5 Gundeese6

Saha’s message is of waiting for love and may be the end scene that concludes the video makes it more vivid as he keeps waiting under a lot of stress not sure whether the love of his life will show up. She eventually does show up to make Saha’s point.

Frank from Jah Live Films is the director behind the concept and his camera angles  are superb as usual and I love the fresh colors and minimal congestion in the video with ‘breathing space’.

Although, the song has not yet hit the high levels achieved by the block buster ‘Mulirwana’ hit song,, this song surely is not that far off and is doing well already on Television.

You can watch the video by clicking here and give us your views on our face book page chano8

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