Video: Jowy Landa And Daddy Andre Get Cozy In Brand New ‘Nawe’ Video

Promising singer Jowy Landa features superstar Daddy Andre in the fresh banger ‘Nawe’ which hit the airwaves early last month. The song is a celebration of love for two love birds who stand by each other forever just like it is stated in marriage vows

In the audio produced by the talented Andre himself, the lyrics of the songs flow perfectly well alongside the relaxing cool beats that tell the story of love and endurance, especially when faced with difficult times like last year’s lockdown and the difficult economic times now.

The love birds promise to love till death strikes with its cruel dirty hands to separate them. However, they promise to stick to each through thick and thin in the verses where Jowy sounds mature and comfortable alongside the more experienced Andre.


In the brand new video which was directed by Allan Soja under  Afro Nation. 7 Star, the opening scene gives an impression of the yet again another old school 80’s setting although as the video progresses, gives a picture that is more of a rural girl waiting for her lover to take her along (to the city).

This time starts in a sugarcane plantation, with Jowy dressed in a floral top, long gold dress, and a farmer’s hat coupled with the heavy make-up, which makes her look like Maria from the movie Sound of Music probably the inspiration in the dress code though Andre decides to maintain his modern look with the trademark beard.

Jowy the village girl waits for her lover on a narrow road that passes through a sugarcane plantation the lover who is Andre, steps out in a multicolored striped T-shirt and pink Khaki pants and lift her up with a lovey-dovey feeling.

The hugs and embracing graduates into dancing till a night scene welcomes us as the duo now seated in a car, continues with the pouring of love messages as they dance close to each other.

The night scene gives a feeling of clubbing and a happy life with hyper vibes that eventually explains why she wanted to be with him.

You can watch the full video from here;

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