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VIDEO: Pallaso’s Response To Bebe Cool’s Diss Will Leave You Shocked

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Following the words Bebe Cool said about Pallaso on Dembe FM’s Talk and Talk show, Team Good Music’s boss Pallaso real names Pius Mayanja yesterday took to Social Media to retaliate. He hit back  at Bebe in a ten minute video which you wouldn’t really want to miss watching.(we have it)

According to Pallaso, he says that while on that show, Bebe Cool said that ‘Pallaso is nothing but a show-off and how he will never sing to surpass his big brother Jose Chameleone’. The self proclaimed ‘King Of The East’ who has been silent for 5 days, finally responded.

In the video, angry Pallaso accuses Bebe for disrespecting him, using his name wrongly in conversations, as well as assuring him how he has no right to judge him despite the fact that he (Bebe Cool) thinks that Pallaso said nasty words those days when Mowzey Radio died.

“I Pallaso with my little resources  have inspired and brought many artistes on the music industry and their dreams have come true but you are stuck on me, talking all sorts of bad things about me and you don’t give me credit. Don’t you see that I came back from the USA and managed to capture a good fan base which had failed home based artistes to get for 10 years?” Pallaso said

 One outstanding thing in this video is how Pallaso emphasized his much respect for Bebe Cool throught.

“My name is Pallaso, I am not called Chameleone or Bebe Cool, If wanted to sing better than Chameleone then I was going to call myself Chameleone. My dreams are not to chase after you. Please stop talking about me. You know I respect you and the entire Gagamel crew so much. I have never talked anything bad about you Bebe Cool so please don’t intrigue me to begin disrespecting you bro” Pallaso added

However, Pallaso’s warning to Bebe Cool came at time when Bebe Cool recently announced his 2018 concert date and therefore, the ‘Kabulengane’ singer could have tickled Pallaso to create public talk which works for him either way because he was sure Pallaso was going to retaliate.

 Already, this video has created controversy but Pallaso seems not to care about the bad or good it might give birth to. He advised Bebe Cool to just write music, produce it and sell it other than

“You have created my wars but this industry is not yours, it’s not you to advise us on everything, your role is to record music and sell the name Bebe Cool please stop talking about and disrespecting young artistes” Pallaso added

Watch Pallaso’s responce to Bebe Cool’s diss

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