Video Review: Cindy Stings The ‘Copycats’ In New Controversial Tune

The recent Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi’s verbal war where the two exchanged all kind of words intrigued Cindy to release a song dubbed ‘Copy Cat’ which is her dedication to all female artistes who are signed under record labels

In this song whose audio was done by Eno Beats, she tries to bring out the message that she can still thrive in the challenging music industry without a record label as opposed to many artistes who are signed under labels where every little thing is done for them. With this, Cindy therefore feels like they are nothing but copycats who cannot make it on their own

The video

Directed and shot by Zero One Media, this video brings out the rude-girl side of Cindy who in almost all the scenes is shown holding and swinging a baseball but which insinuates that she is in a provocative mood

The two minutes and 58 second video starts off with a scene showing Cindy seated on the chair while holding the baseball but with mean looking bouncers standing behind her in what looks a slum where most of the video scenes are shot from.

More scenes show her moving around the slum while interacting with some star struck individuals who are fidgeting in an attempt of getting closer to her as the bouncers clear the way for the self proclaimed King to pass.

The director later shifts the viewers’ attention to a scene where Cindy is seated on what can be perceived as a royal chair, while holding her baseball but.

On each side of the chair are female dummies dressed in red costumes which she repeatedly dares to hit hard with the but, on top of laughing sarcastically while enjoying the comfort of the chair. This is one of the most amazing scenes.

One of the other things that spice up the video is the awesome dance moves the female video vixens clad in sexy costumes are seen pulling off

The costume usage and artistic impression in her previous video to her song ‘Kiki’ that was released in April beats that in Copy Cat’s video which was at 67,292 views by the time we went to press

Watch The Video here

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